H & K briefly

  • Long time experience
  • Constant development and innovation
  • Accurate work and on-time delivery
  • Special skills in mould building and plastic moulding
  • Latest software and hardware
  • Custom-made solutions

H & K reflex Philosophy

For over five decades we have devoted our efforts to the improvement of reflex prism pins. We are one of the most-experienced manufacturers of electroforms worldwide. Our succuss is based on on-going development of our production process and our affinity for improvement.

Special attention is paid to produce quality work and to on-time deliveries. Our staff is skilled in mould building, precision technology and in the technology of plastics moulding. Our CAD-software enables us to present our customers a true-to-life image of the final product .

Our specialized skills qualify us to supply customized reflex solutions.

What can we do for you?